FAQ - CAMC Members

ABOUT CL BOOKING We are a small group of CL site owners, all members of the Caravan & Motorhome Club. Our goal is to help you, the club member, book our sites much more easily by providing you with up-to date information and availability on hundreds of CL sites across the UK. We know that many members, particularly if they lead busy lives, don’t have the time to call CL owners to check whether they have a pitch. So we have developed CL Booking to help you find, view and book a CL site for the dates you need. In late 2020 we partnered with a specialist app development company to design and develop a website and mobile app that is easy to use and delivers you, the member the information you, and the site owner needs to complete a pitch booking. ENQUIRY PROCESS CL Booking is an ENQUIRY system for CLs across the UK. It is NOT a full-blown booking system per se. A booking system may follow, but for the moment, you will only see the provisional availability for each CL site. NOTE, you MUST confirm with the owner of the site you wish to visit (and we recommend that you do this in writing) that they DO indeed have a pitch for you and then CONFIRM your booking with them, and pay a deposit if requested. The reason the availability on CL Booking may be out of date is that the owner may have taken a telephone booking, and not yet had a chance to update the system. CAN I USE THE SAME LOGIN DETAILS AS ON THE CLUB WEBSITE No. This website /App is completely separate from the CAMC website where you can book Club sites. As you will see below, this website is independently run, although we encourage all users to be CAMC members and will ask you for your Club Membership Number when you book any CL site. SO HOW DOES CL BOOKING WORK? 1 - Enter the destination you wish to visit (or if you’re not sure, just enter for example ‘England’) 2 - If you have dates in mind enter your arrival and departure dates 3 - Review the CL sites that meet your search terms. TIP: As you zoom out on the map more CLs will appear. KEY: Those marked green are provisionally available for your dates. Sites marked red are not available. Sites in white have not yet provided their availability information, so may be available. IF I MAKE AN ENQUIRY - IS IT CONFIRMED? NO. Your pitch is NOT confirmed until you have heard back from the CL (site owner) that they have accepted your booking and you have paid (if requested) a deposit. CL BOOKING is only an enquiry facility. We will endeavour - on a best-efforts basis - to ask site owners to keep their availability as up to date as possible, but please DO NOT RELY on this. MAKE ENQUIRY: Check the facilities of the CL that meet your needs and then press the ‘Enquire Now’ button. If the CL site has online booking it’ll take you directly to their system. You can then make a direct booking. Alternatively, you’ll make an Enquiry by completing your profile (your details will be stored for future enquiries) which will be sent to the owner by email who should respond within 1-24 hours. You’ll immediately receive a confirmation email (with the site contact details) and the site owner can then choose to accept your enquiry and proceed to book you in, or may need to reject your booking, in which case they will say why. I HAVE CLICKED ON GREEN (AVAILABLE) DATES BUT CAN NOT MAKE AN ENQUIRY Although the Site you have chosen may have pitches available on those dates, a single pitch may not have continuous availability. Try booking a shorter stay, or contact the CL to discuss whether they can juggle bookings around to fit you in. DOES THIS COST ME ANYTHING No. It’s entirely free for members of the Caravan & Motorhome Club. WHO DESIGNED CL BOOKING AND WHY? CL Booking has been designed by a small group of 20 CL site owners. It was born out of the CL Booking Facebook Group which had grown to circa 15,000 members by May 2021. Whilst successful, the group beame impossible to administer effectively. Facebook is not designed to support this kind of activity. We either closed the Facebook group down or sought an alternative platform that was tailored to the specific needs of matching members with available CL pitches. HOW IS CL BOOKING DIFFERENT FROM OTHER SITE LISTING SERVICES? Two key reasons; + No other listing site provides up-to-date availability information from CL sites + Other listing sites are ‘general’ and not specifically tailored to CAMC members In addition, we will address some of the frequent concerns that both Members and Owners experience on other lists of campsites. We will ensure that each CL site has photographs and encourage a full description of the site itself, its location, local attractions and price. For owners, CL Booking has been designed to be self-administering, meaning that owners can upload photos (and even a video) easily and quickly with no reformatting or resizing, they can adjust the location of their site entrance (ensuring members don’t get lost) add a What 3 Words location, and if they have a booking system, ‘connect’ their availability to CL Booking automatically. WHO PAYS FOR CL BOOKING? CL Owners will pay a small (fixed) sum per month to be on the system. They will pay nothing until 2 weeks after they they go live on the website, allowing them time to test out the value of the service. CL booking, although similar to Pitch Up or AirBnB does not charge any commission per enquiry, it’s a known, fixed cost that is akin to the average price of 1 pitch night on a CL. DO I HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF THE CARAVAN & MOTORHOME CLUB Yes. CLs can only be booked by current members. CL owners will check your membership number. If you are not a member, please join the club. There is a link at the bottom of this website. HOW CAN I ACCESS CL BOOKING? Website, iPhone App, Android App. All free. WHAT INFORMATION DO YOU KEEP? The simple answer is as little as possible. The only information we need is the information that you would typically provide an owner when booking a CL. Your club number, type of vehicle and your contact details. CL Booking is fully compliant with GDPR and will not disclose your details to any third parties except CL owners to whom you are making an enquiry. Please see our Privacy Policy I NEED THE CONTACT DETAILS FOR THE CL SITE You’ll receive these when you make an enquiry (in your confirmation email), but contact details (just like on other platforms) are masked until you make an enquiry. HOW CAN I LEAVE A REVIEW? CL Booking does not yet incorporate this functionality. We will look to add a member star-rating or review option in the future if demand and resources allow. For the moment we suggest you read reviews on the club website and if you have enjoyed your visit to a CL, leave a review. HOW CAN I REPORT INACCURATE INFORMATION SUCH AS PRICE OR FACILITIES? We will endeavour to ensure that information uploaded by CL owners is accurate and we will remind them on a regular basis to ensure this. However, if you think something is amiss, please notify us by email info@clbooking.co.uk ensuring you provide the name and postcode of the site in question. HOW CAN I REPORT NON-COMPLIANCE WITH THE 5-VAN RULE Certificated Locations should only accommodate 5 vans overnight within the curtilage (boundary) of the CL. Note that some sites run an adjacent commercial site. This can be a complex issue. Our recommendation in the first instance is to speak to the CL owner as there may be extenuating circumstances (such as the illness of a visitor, or a breakdown). If you still feel that the matter needs looking into please do so in a confidential manner (ie not via social media) by emailing the CL team at the Caravan & Motorhome Club with the name & postcode of the CL (many CLs have similar names), evidence (photos if you have them) and a description of the issue including dates. Email your enquiry to clresponse@camc.com You will receive an acknowledgement. Note that CL Booking will not become involved as this is a compliance issue and is strictly handled by the Club. WHAT’S NEXT AND HOW CAN YOU HELP WITH CL BOOKING? We know there are many bells and whistles we can add to this service to improve the experience and provide you with more options, such as filtering the searches. These features will come. We’d love your feedback and aim to continuously improve the user experience. This is a journey, and we hope you’ll be part of it. Please send your feedback to info@clbooking.co.uk SPREAD THE WORD Please spread the word about CL booking to other club members and CL owners. The more CLs that take part the more choice of pitches you’ll have to visit.